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CanPac Sdn Bhd (110093-M)

Can Pac Sdn Bhd
We are the only company specialize in manufacturing Aerosol cans in Malaysia.

Canpac Sdn Bhd (Canpac) is established in manufacturing Aerosol can in year 1990. In year 2005, Canpac has invested a manufacturing plant in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, manufacturing aerosol tin cans for domestic and exports.

Canpac is fully equipped with latest metal printing & can making machines from Europe, with a total capacity of 100 million cans per year. It has well experience team and skilled labour which is an asset to the company and benefit to its clients. Canpac guarantee you of the highest quality standards in all aspects of manufacturing products. It has well developed and expanded the business towards global market needs for domestic and exports. Canpac has been supplying to the major multinational Europe customers like Reckitt & Benkiser and SCJ. It also exports to Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and others countries.

Top priority Canpac takes all possible steps to maintain quality and safety at its factory.

Canpac is accredited ISO 9001-2008 system, by an International certification body called SGS Malaysia.

Canpac Business

The aerosol production is more of specialized products manufactured for paints, cosmetic (hair sprays/moose), air fresheners, insecticide, butane gas, car care products and etc. Products were being supplied to domestic and export market.

Quality Control & Assurance

The quality of Canpac's products is not only a reflection of the company but also of its valued customers. It has been proven by global customers satisfaction and long term intimate business relationship with its significant business partners. That is why quality is the focus and responsibility of every employee at Canpac.


  • Address: No. 9, Street 15, VSIP II-A, Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park II-A, Vinh Tan Village, Tan Uyen Town, Binh Duong Province, Vietnam.
  • Phone: +(0274) 3801171, 3801165
  • Fax: +(0274) 3801169


  • Address: Lot 119, Taman Industri Integrasi, Jalan Industri 3/5, 48000 Rawang Selangor, Malaysia.

  • Phone: +(603) 6092 9929/39/49/59/89

  • Fax: +(603) 6092 9909